Helping Smokers to Quit

A simple breath test with a Smokerlyzer® will measure the levels of toxic carbon monoxide (CO) inhaled from tobacco smoke. CO in itself is harmful, as it reduces the amount of oxygen taken up by the body, but it can also act as an indicator as to the possible level of some 4,000 toxic substances in cigarette smoke, 60 of which cause cancer. The Smokerlyzer® range of carbon monoxide (CO) monitors and testers is used during smoking cessation programmes to give the smoker visible proof of the damaging CO levels and to help motivate by charting the progress during the programme. All the instruments are surgically non-invasive, lightweight, battery powered, simple to operate and use hygienic inexpensive disposable mouthpieces. The Smokerlyzer® range is clinically proven and has become the benchmark used throughout the world by health professionals working in smoking cessation programmes and research.

Smokerlyzer® System™
Personal Breath Tester and Quitting Plan
A personal breath CO tester and a quitting plan
designed to be used at home and to work
alongside any Stop Smoking clinic the smoker
may be attending. It recommends the use of
pharmacotherapy (such as NRT) and contact
with a health professional. Order online

Micro+ Smokerlyzer®
The only monitor for all CO testing needs
The newly developed Micro+ is the only monitor with the ability to analyse breath samples for adult,
adolescent and pregnant mothers. It provides
readings in CO ppm and % COHb, which can be
instantly converted to Foetal %COHb.

piCO+ Smokerlyzer®
The New Innovation in Smoking Cessation
The piCO+™ is the new innovation in smoking
cessation. Motivational traffic light LEDs display smoking status while the large liquid crystal display gives readings in ppm and %COHb. The monitor combines the features of the original piCO™ and piCO-lo™ Smokerlyzers® , allowing users to switch between settings for adul ts, adolescents and
pregnant women. Codata+™ software also enables the user to create custom settings—amplifying
smoking status when treating particularly addicted smokers.

The LungLife™ is a spirometer that calculates the patient's lung age, making it an excellent motivational stop-smoking tool, alerting smokers to the physical damage caused by their habit.
The LungLife™ can also be used to affordably screen for


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