Helping Diagnose Gastro-intestinal Disorders                                                    Download Datasheet (PDF)

The Gastrolyzer™ is a portable hand-held breath hydrogen monitor that has been developed to aid in the detection of gastro-intestinal disorders.

Hydrogen is generated in the intestinal lumen by bacterial action on carbohydrates in the large or small intestine. This resultant hydrogen diffuses into the blood stream and thence to the alveoli after which it can be detected in expiratory air. Accurate measurement of hydrogen in parts per million (ppm) in expiratory air can be achieved using the Gastrolyzer™.

The unit is compact, lightweight, battery powered and is very easy to operate. Its alphanumeric display provides clear messages and a ppm reading with a bar trend graph.

The Gastrolyzer is surgically non-invasive and is supplied with a range of convenient sampling systems for paediatrics and adults, thereby making the instrument very patient friendly.

  • Low cost, quick & reliable testing
  • Range of sampling systems
  • Auto-zero & breath-hold countdown
  • Surgically non-invasive and clinically proven
  • Easy to use by non-technical personnel

GastroCHART is an easy to use database for recording patient readings and printing test results from the Gastrolyzer™ monitor.

  • Record patient details for new tests and historical analysis
  • Select from pre-set protocols or create your own
  • Automatic and user-set timings to perform the next stage test
  • Print out patient details and comprehensive test results including graphs
  • Easily track patient results across multiple tests and visits
  • Annotate test results with notes and observations


The Gastrolyzer™ requires a calibration check once every month with Bedfont's 200ppm H2 in air calibration gas. No specialist technical knowledge or skills are required, making it easy to calibrate with our Calibration Kit. We can also supply replacement calibration gas in lightweight disposable cylinders.

A range of annual service packages are also available.

Consumables and Accessories

Cardboard mouthpieces are connected to the Gastrolyzer™ via a T-piece. A one-way valve prevents air being drawn back form the monitor. This system further reduces the risks of cross infection and protects the instrument from contamination. Face masks can also be supplied for testing paediatric patients, connected to the monitor via a Y-piece.

We also supply an instrument cleansing wipe specifically developed for cleaning the surface of the monitors. Each wipe contains 1% Cetrimide, a powerful antimicrobial detergent. The wipes can also be used by patients to clean their hands before handling the instruments in areas without hand washing facilities, or where infection control may be a particular concern. Alcohol, or cleaning agents containing alcohol, should never be used as they may adversely affect the sensor within the instrument.

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