How it works
NIOX®MINO Airway Inflammation Monitor permits non-invasive, quick and easy FeNO measurements
  • Hand-held ®  suitable for use in the clinic or at home9,10,11,12,13,14

  • Easy to use for patient and clinician

  • No Calibration

  • No Maintenance

  • Suitable for adults and children9,10

  • Delivers an acurate NO measurement within minutes

  • Clinically acceptable repeatability of results9,10

  • Builds on the standards employed within the ATS/ERS guidelines for exhaled NO measurements15

  • CE marked for clinical use

NIOX MINO® the affordable way to bring accurate, everyday inflammation measurement to your practice


Accurate results.
The pre-calibrated NO sensor assures accurate, repeatable and reproducible results that correlate well with those from the stationary NIOX® exhaled NO monitoring device9,10,11,12,13.
No re-calibration is needed.


NIOX MINO follows, in all essential aspects, the American Thoracic Society (ATS) /European Respiratory Society (ERS) 2005 equipment recommendations for measurement of exhaled NO15.
The recommendations are based on analysis of NO with the chemiluminesence method. However, NIOX MINO uses a
different method (electrochemistry). The consequence of this is that the NIOX MINO sensor does not need any recalibration. Agreement has been demonstrated for the mean of two valid exhaled NO measurements in NIOX®; and the first valid NO measurement in NIOX MINO9. Supported by these data, one valid NO measurement is sufficient, instead of two as recommended in the ATS/ERS guideline.

Airway Inflammation Monitor
® So easy to use for you and your patients

Easy fingertip navigation
Touch-screen for quick and easy navigation and display of results.

Unique flow control The built-in flow regulator keeps exhalation at 50 ml/s regardless of patient skill. Easy even for young patients..

Inhalation of NO-free air Filtering of inhaled air eliminates contamination from elevated ambient NO levels.

Safe and hygienic
Disposable single session bacterial and viral filter prevents contamination.

Data storage
Test Cards make it possible
to store individual patient data
over time. This allows use of
NIOX MINO in the home
environment with review of the
FeNO record at the next appointment.

Communication via IR port on
NIOX MINO front for transfer of
patient data (optional).